Ferrari 360 replica kit car build on MR2 part 1 Transforming an Toyota MR2 into a Ferrari 360 replica ferrari sports cars lamborgini murcielago mercielago 355 modena racing kit cars kitcar kit car diy custom build spray paint auto bodyshop fiberglass bespoke twin exhaust in car audio alloy wheels leather interior…
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This is Presidential, one of the hottest cars of the Low Mentality Auto Club. They located in Queenz NY i rememba seeing this sexii ride b4 it hit the streets in the G-Fam shop. ICED OUT Everyting from the grill to the interior wit suede/ ostrich leather interior, panoramic roof, air bagz on 24z, fiberglass truck wit 2 15z Custom Door Panels and best of all THE PHANTOM CONVERSION FRONT. This auto club is based around my neighborhood and I see sum of the Carz drivin thru the Hood mostly on LIBERTY AVE guys b pimpin it all day long wit all the hott carz.
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28 Responses to “Ferrari 360 replica kit car build on MR2 part 1”

  1. BMXBOBO Says:

    all in all how much did you spend?

  2. IEatPoopOnWednesdays Says:


  3. vfIskullangel Says:

    @MrBugattiw16 That shit is riced. It will have a better life with a Ferrari body over it. 🙂

  4. vfIskullangel Says:

    @thi711 The fake rolex come back is lame.

  5. itsahod Says:

    no wonder i cant find any mr2’s

  6. MrBugattiw16 Says:

    Why would you even touch that gergous mr2! It was better looking than the ferrari way better!

  7. brapboys503 Says:

    @nate4life1010 Well obviously you couldn’t grasp the obvious, so I had to help you.

  8. nate4life1010 Says:

    @brapboys503 Hey bitch, the problem was solved 2 weeks ago… but thanks for pointing out the obvious dipshit

  9. brapboys503 Says:

    @zeekwolfe Oh! So click the annotations button and turn off the sound. Problem solved. Sheesh, use your drug-addled brain for once.

  10. brapboys503 Says:

    Lol, Veilside = fail hard.

  11. brapboys503 Says:

    @nate4life1010 Just grow some fucking brains and click the annotation box at the bottom right side of the screen. Problem solved.

  12. stephenabbs Says:

    Load of crap Video crap red box crap car crap bugger off

  13. keno4moto Says:

    fuck you’re mothers easter!!!!!!

  14. thi711 Says:

    Ferrari Replica is the same as a Fake Rolex. Only posers would ever do this, how fucking sad.

  15. Flinty88 Says:

    awwwww yeeeeee

  16. zeekwolfe Says:

    I’ve better things to do than listen to drums and look at a red box.

  17. DazzarayMusic Says:

    @nate4life1010 Thanks!

  18. nate4life1010 Says:

    @DazzarayMusic Oh, that makes sense then! lol. I ended up still watching it, and the final product came out nice!

  19. DazzarayMusic Says:

    @nate4life1010 Youtube screwed me over so im moving my videos to my own site. It says that on the video. Why give youtube more views? Ill be deleted these videos once there all moved over. Thanks

  20. nate4life1010 Says:

    Really no need to keep the freakin red box over the screen for the entire time -__-

  21. DazzarayMusic Says:

    @MrHLEON2 There was no frame to build> The body fits on the the Toyota mr2 chassic/body

  22. MrHLEON2 Says:

    but how the fuck do you guys build the frame, and its it hard!!!

  23. DazzarayMusic Says:

    @usa1327 No its not that much. approx 15K usd im guessing

  24. usa1327 Says:

    @DazzarayMusic 10k pounds.. thats not a whole lot am i right? not sure on the exact conversion to USD

  25. DazzarayMusic Says:

    @ollieparamo Thabks dude. All cost approximately 10k UK pounds

  26. thefirst12lickit Says:

    you need your ass whooped for putting dat ugly ass grill on dat car…dat car needs to slapp hell out cha1

  27. bmxerboyee Says:

    whats the song played man ?

  28. tok4life420 Says:

    hahaha fuckin sick, luv it, and great song. sick ass whip, omg

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